A Taste of Africa


Local or tourist, young or old, there is always time to explore and experience new
places and activities. Everyone has to eat, so why not make it the best foodie experience
to add to your Cape Town memories? We offer a range of foodie experiences that
specialize in everything from coffee to wine and gin, local fusion cuisine like bobotie,
malva pudding, bunny chow to contemporary food and drinks. With every culture in
South Africa and Cape Town, there comes a unique flavour and story, we combine them
as we walk throughout the city, meeting passionate people within our tourism and
service industry.
Come walk with us, eat, drink and be merry as we introduce to you the city’s culinary
culture. Set yourself up for an experience you won’t forget!


A Taste of Africa

Tour start times and tour dates: 14:00 pm – 18:00 pm.
Day’s available: Monday (only for private bookings), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday, Saturday

Private Tour Rates:
Guest Amount
1-2 R4927
3 R6217
4 R7507
5 R8797
6 R10087
7 R11378
8 R12668
9 R13959
10 R15249

Tour Duration and Area information: 4 hours spread over 1.5 km. The walk is a 3/5 in
difficulty rated by our guests, there are some stairs on the tour.
This tour play’s off in the vibrant CBD City Centre.
Restaurants, stops, food and drink

We stop at the following restaurants:
1- The Meeting Point restaurant: Tanzanian food & African spices.
Vegetable curry, beef stew, fried veggies, chapati, coconut rice. History of Cape Town
and VOC. Paired with a beer or spicy chai.
2- Madam Taitou: Ethiopian trade history, spice and seasonal food platter with
incredible location to learn more about our African cultures and traditional art.
3- Zanne’s Fare: Situated in an awesome contemporary art museum on Bree Street.
Rooibos and  Honey Bush tea tasting, koeksisters, milk tarts, and hertzoggies.
4- Open Wine for a wine tasting. Or Gin Bar for a gin and Honest chocolate tasting.
All portions involve traditional communal eating but guests will be comfortably full
after the tour.
Includes Tanzanian traditional lunch with drinks, Ethiopian cuisine, local sweet treats
from milk tart to koeksisters, tea tasting and ends with a wine or gin tasting. You get to
meet the passionate chefs, cooks, waiters that make all this possible in wonderful
This tour focuses on the contributions of different African communities to Cape Town’s
culture and cuisine. By engaging with the food and people we will learn about their
heritage and the circumstances that brought them to South Africa. We touch base on the
City Centre’s history regarding slavery and apartheid as we make our way through the
CBD and end off in Wale street close to the Bo-Kaap. You get to meet the passionate
chefs, cooks, waiters that make all this possible in wonderful locations.
The Taste of Africa tour is a big “delicious” foodie passion project for our team. An
African and South African inspired tour filled with the city centre’s vibrant history,
culture and amazing hidden foodie gems. We visit the Meeting Point, Madam Taitou,
Zannes Fare & Openwine (or gin bar).

Inclusions on the tour
Professional tour guide.
History of the area and food.
Meet local chefs and the passionate people behind our tours.
Local food and drink, all roof and drink tastings are included.
Detailed email with your information and pictures on it.
CTCT is covered for liability.
Peace of mind for safe and hygienic restaurants

Exclusion on the tour:
Transportation to and from the tours. (Transportation can be arranged)
Additional food or drink.
Not wheelchair friendly.
Booking is essential for children above the age of 4 year.
Dietary restrictions and dietary requirements:
This tour can accommodate the following:
Vegetarian (not vegan if so it will need to be on request and a private booking), no
seafood, no alcohol, no shellfish, no peanuts, no bread.
Rain or shine, depending on the severity of the wind and rain guests will be contacted
prior to the tour. If cancellation is imminent arrangements for date exchanges/ refunds
will be made available to the guests/agents depending on agreement.

Additional notes:
Sanitizer will be provided along the tour.
History of buildings and sites.
Local foodie spots.
Local history and facts.