Cultural Food & Drinks Tour( Cape Town)


Cultural Food & Drinks Tour (Cape Town)

Departs everyday: 08H30-17H30

1 person – R4760
2 people – R3010 per person
3 people – R2225 per person
4 people – R1825 per person

Don’t you want to know how it must feel to be truly South African?

From ancient human kind & world changing civil battles through to joyful Vuvuzelas & local Braai feasts. A cultural tour from where we came from to where we are today. Experience a “Back Stage Pass” to our locals & their stories, all the time whilst going on an epic journey of our culture, food & drink. Come feel & taste what we really are about!


  • Pick up & drop offs.
  • Expect hidden sites only to be known by locals.
  • In depth and honest conversations with people we meet along the way.
  • Sharing drinks and traditional food with our people in their turf, on their terms.
  • “Back stage pass” to a small home grown wine farm, another’s kitchen, as well as iconic sites.
  • Guided transport to all sites.
  • Local treats & drinks, late lunch & wine tasting.
  • A historical journey from our ancient heritage to where we are now. Done factually correct, raw and inspiring.

Our tour starts with meeting Collin a Koi local, the indigenous people of South Africa, explaining their history, their unique “click-sound” language, how they hunted, and socialised dating back to 100 000 BC.

Quickly stopping by the infamous Company gardens where the VOC first started planting fruit and veg for the passing ships. This is our Dutch heritage as well as the English influence from the 1600’s. From tales of wars to the first diamond fields to what it is now, The Rainbow Nation.

Our third stop is the legendary Bo-Kaap where we get taste some of the traditional treats, while feeling the hustle of the history these streets of the Bo-Kaap still maintain.

On to SAB, one of the largest breweries in the world, where we get taken into the belly of the beast. Followed by a tasting of an array of SA’s loved beers.

Through the beautiful Constantia Valley, we arrive at High Constantia Estate, for some lovely wine tasting and pairing with locally made chocolates on one of the original farms in the Cape.

Our last stop is at a township called Imizamo Yethu, where we get to sit down with our local family around a traditional barbecue, whilst savouring a variety of traditional African foods and a good amount of beer! Expect an in-depth, true experience with local music playing loud from the family’s house.
Filled with a true sense of our history, our culture and of course wine, beer and food we head back home to Cape Town along one of the most scenic coastal drives in the world.

Come feel & taste what we really are about!